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The PsychoSpiritual Research Institute (PSRI) provides this site for the study and enhancement of consciousness and psychospiritual transformation.  PSRI is founded on a holistic, interdisciplinary and eclectic philosophy that is informed by the ancient knowledge of our great spiritual traditions.  Our goal is to identify common characteristics across a wide variety of data that can be used in understanding and enhancing the psychological changes associated with spiritual development.  From our beginnings as The Transformation Project, through this current period of unprecedented growth, we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing and expanding the quality and scope of our work to meet the needs of our community. 

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PSRI is composed of five divisions.  You are invited to explore them all.  

Research CenterVisit our research library. Review our research.  We now provide researchers the opportunity to post their own related research.  Have you had a spiritually transforming experience? Would you like to participate in a volunteer on-line study exploring the nature of spiritual transformation? Deepen your experience and add to world knowledge at the same time. Click here: Participate in study

PSRI Consulting Center: We have added 3 new counselors to our staff. Work in person, over the phone or online with any of our highly respected inner growth consultants and/or take an affordable online assessment of your own psychospiritual development  

Distance Learning Center: We have substantially upgraded our course offerings on  mystical traditions, transpersonal psychology and  psychospiritual transformation.  We are pleased to announce that we are now offering  certificate programs in metaphysics and transpersonal psychology.  

PSRI Catalog: Purchase related books, audio CDs, assessments and related products.  Visit our Free E-Books Center providing  free e-books in the areas of self growth, spirituality, religion and intersection of science and spirituality. 

The  PSRI Press : We are pleased to announce the expansion of our publishing center.    We are now offering our books printed on demand in addition to e-book formats.  Our free  online Journal of Psychospiritual Transformation is now available in soft cover for the cost of printing plus expenses.   The price for our second issue is $24.95 including shipping and handling.  Subscriptions to The Journal of Psychospiritual Transformation are also available for  $59.95 per year.  Includes winter and summer issues plus shipping, handling and admin. See Below!


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