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An Interdisciplinary journal exploring consciousness, reality and the nature of psychospiritual transformation.

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Editor-in-chief: Dana Gaynor

Published by The PSRI Press


Issue 1


    The Birth of a Journal                                                                                 Dana Gaynor


    An Emergent Interactionist Understanding
    of Human Consciousness 
                                                                         Charles Tart

    Reality, Consciousness and Spiritual Transformation                                    Dana Gaynor

    Topoi And Transformation                                                                           Fred Abraham

    The Esoteric Thesis                                                                                   Paul Wildman

    God, Spirituality and the Option Method                                                       Frank Mosca

    The Spiritual Emergence Process: Experiences and Observations                 Nancy Poitou

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Soaring with the eagles                                                                                Dana Gaynor   


Life's Three Stages: Infancy, Ego & Transcendence                                                             An Interview with Michael Washburn                                                             Paul Bernstein

Conscious Acts of Creation: The emergence of a new physics                        William Tiller

Toward a science of Consciousness                                                             William Guillory

Consciousness - The Bridge Between Science and Spirit                                Peter Russell

At the Frontier of Spirit and Matter:                                                                         Electromagnetism and the Sacred Indwelling                                                Lawrence Fagg

Assessing Psychospiritual Development:                                                                           The Interrelatedness and Process Characteristics Inventories                          Dana Gaynor

Closing Editorial:

Wake Up Laughing: The Transformational Power of Humor                             Steve Bhaerman 


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Issue 3



Transformation and the brink of destruction                                         Dana Gaynor   


Life's Three Stages: Infancy, Ego and Transcendence                                                      (Part II of An Interview with Michael Washburn)                                   Paul Bernstein

Religion as Attractor, Process, and Biology                                        Ken Bausch

The Kabbalah, Reality and Psychospiritual Transformation                    Dana Gaynor

Healing the Split in our World View                                                    David Gustaf Thompson

Transpersonal Child Psychology                                                        Douglas Peter-Frank

When Ruins Are All That’s Visible                                                     Brenda Peddigrew


Conscious Experience of the Universe                                                 Amrit Sorli


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Issue 4



Transformation and Unity Consciousness                                            Dana Gaynor   


Life's Three Stages: Infancy, Ego and Transcendence                                                       (Part III of An Interview with Michael Washburn)                                    Paul Bernstein

Physics,  Inertia and Chaos Theory: Exploring the Nature of Reality       Dana Gaynor

The Unification of Physics and Metaphysics                                        Tom Campbell

Towards A Working Non-Linear Science of Empowerment                     Stuart G. Hall



Considering the works of Amarakavi                                                    Sankar Sukumar

Closing Editorial:

Why I am tossing my turban into the ring                                            Swami Beyondananda


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